Mad Race

Mad Race 1.0

Top-down 3D car racing game
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Choose between 12 powerful cars, race your competition on a wide variety of tracks and collect bonuses along the way to help you win. Take part in 50 tournaments and win as many races as you can to unlock new content.

Mad Race is another free game published by As any other game published there it is developed by
This is an exciting race game.
In this case, the novelty is that you must avoid the attacks coming from the others competitors, and and being the first is not as good as it looks like because you will be an easy target to destroy.
Unlike other race games, this title gives you the option to defeat your opponents by wining the race or in due time you will get the weapons to shoot them and leave then off the road.

In addition, you will be able to collect some coins which will provide the possibility to fix your car and buy some new parts such as body parts. Another bonus you can get is the protective shield which will make you stronger against the other competitors shooting.

Graphics and sound
The graphics section of this game is amazing with well built scenarios and vehicles. The accompanying soundtrack and sound effects are not impressive but suitable.

In conclusion, this is an exciting game which installation size is only 39 Mb.

María Noel Balla
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  • Excelelnt graphics and nice soundtrack


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